About Us

We are a young and dynamic team of almost 300 individuals, personalities and styles. We work hard. And, we play harder!

Our goal is to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations by ensuring we build our business by adding people with whom we can thrive and on whom our clients can rely. If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, we want to get to know you better and help you find an exciting career path that is right for you!

We appreciate and promote individual growth and want everyone to reach their own full potential. Don’t wait, let’s shape the future together!

Our Core Values

At BVP, we pride ourselves on having a strong commitment to customer service and delivering excellence. We’ve centered our core philosophy around the ideal of striving to be the best in everything we do. Our corporate culture revolves around our “ICARE” philosophy.

BVP Icare

Meet the team


I enjoy challenge in everything I do, it keeps me motivated and gives me something to strive for. If not at work, than I’m probably enjoying some family time, doing bit of running or watching movies.

Ivan M

Did you do anything to make the world a better place?
Did you leave a better society behind you?
I try to do it everyday with everything I do.


Acta non verba


I love all the challenges I had to face on my way up in BVP because they allowed me to grow my skillset.

Virtually Unlimited Potential

Some things are just better done virtually. We realized this early on in our journey, and have since been delivering remote Operational Support Services to a growing list of North American Clients. We work with our clients to define requirements, test, and roll out remote services that can be both more effective and less costly than traditional “live” services.

As we continue to grow our team, we find new and unique ways to deliver value to our clients by maximizing our telepresence.